How To Advertise Without Spending Money

Today I want to give all you newbies some pointers.  Did you know that you can start marketing your website without taking one penny out of your pocket?  Sounds like a good deal, right?  Well, it’s true!  Here’s some ideas for you to start marketing right now!

Article Writing

By writing articles, with rich keywords, and submitting them to article sites, you can get traffic to your site in no time at all.  Article sites allow you to incorporate relevant links to your site into your articles.  When people read these articles, they click on the link for more information.  Now, you have some traffic!  Here’s a couple of article writing sites that you can start submitting to right now. is having a competition,  sign up here for the Street Article 30 Articles in 30 Days Challenge .  If you complete the challenge, you get the ultimate guide to writing success, Traffic Explosion 2.0 – The New Rules to Internet Marketing Retail Value is $197. Join today and start writing.  The only thing you have to lose is….TRAFFIC!

Social Networks

Establishing a fan base on social networks keeps your readers up to date.  If they really like you they will recommend you to all of their friends.  Just think of the amount of traffic you get just through recommendations.



Companies That Offer Free Links To Your Site

Business World List allows you to post ads on their website for absolutely nothing.  In addition, as a free member, you can send out email advertising to 200 of their subscribers every other day.  Not bad, not bad at all.

Social Monkee has a free membership that lets you establish 25 links to your site every day.  As a free member, you cannot submit the same page more than once but, that is really not a problem.  As you create new posts and pages you can use them to create links too!

Get Some Money By Reading Ads

Hits4Pay will pay you 2 cents for every ad that you view.  Now how can that possibly help you?  They start you off with $10 and you can cash out when you reach $25.  Now what can you do with that twenty five dollars?  Advertise!

Clixsense pays you 1-2 cents per ad viewing.  You can use that money to advertise your site on Clixsense or, cash out when you reach ten dollars.  Then you can pay to advertise somewhere else, like

Well, I think that should get you a good start.  Now, go out there and get some traffic!