How To Succeed In Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Clickbank is probably the best known affiliate marketplace on the Internet. Once you sign up for free account at Clickbank, go to the “Marketplace” tab and you will see all the products that you can promote. There is a short description under each product as well as, the percentage they offer for each sale you make. When you decide on a product to sell, just click the promote button and a window pops up giving you a unique link to use for promoting the product. This unique link has your affiliate I.D. in it to make sure that you get credit for your sales.

The majority of the products in the Clickbank Marketplace are digital. The sale of digital products has several great advantages. Buyers receive instant gratification from the products they purchase. Let’s be honest here, we all want instant gratification. Whenever we buy products online, we can’t wait to receive the product. Instant gratification makes customers very happy and if customers are happy it increases the chances of them coming back to your site for future purchases. Be prepared to face some competition because you are not the only one trying to sell these products. Having a good website and learning the proper marketing techniques will give you a better chance at success.

You can market products without having your own website and still be successful. Again, marketing is the key to getting customers.

Traffic Traffic Traffic

Now on to the fun stuff, time to generate some traffic because without traffic you will earn zip, nada, zilch. So, you need a very good strategy of generating traffic to your affiliate link.

There are two types of advertising, paid and organic.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is pretty easy to understand. There are a few methods of paid advertising however, I will go through just a couple in order to give you some ideas..

  • You can pay search engines like Google and Bing to display your advertising in search results that pertain to certain keywords.. You only pay for each person that clicks on the link in your ad. So, if your ad is shown 100 times and 25 people click on your link, you only pay for the 25 people/clicks. This method of advertising is called PPC or Pay Per Click.
  • Paying companies to display your advertising banner on their website is another way to advertise. This can be accomplished directly through the owner of the website or through an advertising company.
  • Pay to advertise through a company’s safe list. This is a list of members that have already signed up to receive emails from a company. The company will not give you the names and email address of these members. They will send out an email to their subscribers with your advertisement or offer their subscribers a small amount of money to view your advertisement.

Organic Advertising

Organic traffic refers to the people you send to your link by the use of rich content that is specific to your chosen product. When users search for what they want, your link will be displayed in the search engine results pages. This method requires patience and takes time but can be very profitable. You can submit articles that relate to your product to article websites. This can benefit you in two ways:

  1. You can include links to your website or products and people who read the article will click on your link to find out more information. This is a great way to generate traffic.
  2. If you have a website, article writing is a great way to get ranked higher in search engines. Search engines like relevant links to your site and they will reward you with a higher rank.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Another thing that will help you to make it as a Clickbank affiliate is to be on constant lookout for new products with great potential. You will then be able to start your marketing efforts ahead of other competitors.

Here’s a list of some other sites that offer products for you to promote. There are plenty out there, just thought I’d give you a few to get you started: