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With the constant changing of Google algorithms, it’s getting tougher to get first page rankings in search results.  Why?  Google no longer recognizes duplicate content.  Before all the changes you could register the same article on several article sites and it would enhance your rankings.  Now, duplicate content is a NO NO  and Google frowns upon this method.


Keeping this in mind, Street Articles.com was launched in the beginning of 2011.  This is a great article site that will ensure good rankings on Google.  Your articles are not approved unless they contain original content thus putting you in a better position with Google.   Unlike many of the article writing sites like Ezine and Squidoo, Street Articles has a much faster approval time.  You no longer have to wait days or weeks to find out if your article is approved.  This allows you to get your articles submitted onto search engines faster and hopefully immediate traffic to your website.

Street Articles now has a competition running to help get you motivated to write your articles.  It’s the 30 Articles in 30 Days Challenge and if you complete the challenge, you will receive:

Traffic Explosion 2.0 – The New Rules to Internet Marketing. and it’s only available through this challenge!

This is a great guide to help you with article writing and how to get traffic to your articles. I know this because I already completed the challenge. If you are like me, I hate to lose when I take on a challenge. So, yeah, I guess it got me motivated to write articles!

Click here for more information about the challenge, get your articles written and receive your incentive. There’s no reason not to do this challenge, Street Articles is free to join! Plus, you will get some good traffic to your website.

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